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Who Is Rev. Terry Christian?

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Since dedicating his life to Jesus at the age of 23, Terry Christian has been reading the red lettered version of the Gospels as recorded in the NKJV Bible. Even though Terry reads the whole Bible, his primary focus is on the words of Jesus and the example of His actions including Peter, James, John and Paul.

Personally, Terry will tell you that his acceptance of Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior has been pivotal in carrying him safely through his life difficulties.

Terry’s a former Motivational Speaker and Executive Trainer with over 20 years experience giving more than 2,500 presentations to private and public audiences across America and Canada.

Several years ago Terry retired as a public speaker after feeling the Holy Spirit redirecting his life. He was led to compose the book What Did Jesus Say using only the words from Jesus as recorded in the Bible.

As in all God called missions it took longer, cost more and challenged him to the edge of his faith. Now after 12 years of study, obedience, difficulty and struggle, his book is now available in Paperback, eBook, AudioBook and Kindle.

Today, Rev. Christian counsels individuals and couples seeking a more mature understanding of their relationship with Jesus Christ. His life is now dedicated to helping his Christian brothers and sisters live in a never-ending state of peace, love, truth and forgiveness as followers of Jesus Christ. He says after repentance and being born again, this was the main message Jesus taught; and teaching the Way by the Word is the cornerstone on which his book and ministry is founded.

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In closing, I pray this book blesses your life as it has mine. Once I learned what Jesus said, everything in my life got better. And the more I walk with Jesus the stronger I become….. Peace Be With You.

May God bless ALL those who serve HIM.

In HIS LOVE I serve


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