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What’s the BIGGEST CHALLENGE facing CHRISTIANS today?…
“To live in an ANTI-CHRIST world and BE CHRIST– like”.

Every Christian in the world faces different situations being a Christian. In some areas of the world we’re protected and in some areas we’re attacked and beheaded.

In America all we have to face (SO FAR) is lukewarm tribulations compared to the others around the world. I’m often amazed, embarrassed and troubled by Christians in America who spend so much time complaining and so little time ‘walking the talk’.

As Christians we’re ALL responsible to HELP one another by our love and treatment of one another. The only way we’re going to make it is by EACH OF US having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and not the world. So we need to help one another!

The Epistles from Peter, James and John all tell us what to do, to be an example in Christ and HELP one another in the body of Christ. Remember they walked with JESUS for His entire ministry and they started the whole movement. Everything they wrote is contained within 20-22 pages in the bible depending on the type size. In the end, MANY will face Jesus knowing they didn’t read those 20 pages with a desire to know, or the discipline to follow. It’s better to be the FEW who did follow their teachings.

The Epistles from Paul are many, yet if you read them carefully you’ll see a common truth in all the letters to the churches. The main differences were the churches not the truth. Now be careful as you read Paul’s words or blindly listen to others who read his words in sound bites of scripture. First read what Peter said about Paul – (1Peter 3:15-17)

When reading your Bible don’t let the order of the WHOLE BOOK interfere with you turning it to the place that matters most in your walk with Christ. The order we find it in today was different than the first 400 years after the resurrection. So begin a journey with the NT until you understand what it means and you’re ‘walking the walk’ of Christ.

Whatever we desire to become, we focus on doing! If you truly want to be a strong Christian while living in a troubled world then learn from those who walked the talk- like JESUS, Peter, James, John and Paul. Take the time to read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Then read Peter I & II, James, and 1John. Pause for the cause and ask yourself – “what can I begin doing, that I’m not doing”?

The main message I’ve seen in the NT is this- be the example of Christ and walk as He walked. All the Apostles expect us to walk in holiness, with love for one another as proof we’re ‘born again’ and walking in Christ. IF you read their writings yourself – on purpose with a purpose and IF YOU PRAY before you read them asking GOD for wisdom and understanding then you’ll be …… walking in a ANTI-CHRIST WORLD, while being CHRISTlike. – amen

JESUS SAID- ”Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good
works and glorify your Father in heaven” – Matthew 5:16


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