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Seeking Help in Social Media & Digital Marketing

WDJS: Social Media
Digital Media:

I am seeking people who understand the Christian marketplace and can help me better position and align my graphic images as well as someone who can create a new book commercial –

Here’s what the Christian Industry says:

*As a person with over 20 years-experience in the publicity and marketing industry I saw the potential for “What Did Jesus Say . . .The Seven Messages from the Master”. As a Christian I recognized the need for this one-of-a- kind book and I consider it an honor and a privilege to have exclusive publicity for WDJS and all related and upcoming products. – Helen Cook, Owner of PrimeStar Publicity and Public Relation


*Rev. Christian has established an inarguable compelling case of evidence supporting the Seven Messages from the Master. I get 1000’s of books sent to me each year and we do 3 live book interviews Monday thru Friday, over 700 a year and I can say this book is ‘different’. This book is an extraordinary simple approach to an extraordinary complex topic, but yet builds the case, proves the point, and establishes clearly, in the Seven Messages that Jesus is the Messiah: Igniting A Nation: Rabbi Eric Walker

*What Did Jesus Say is a ’marvelous book’, with great content, and I’m really impressed with how Rev. Terry Christian organized his book. There’s a lot of good information in this one of a kind book. I encourage every Christian to get 2 copies, one for themselves and another one to give away, its pure, containing only the Words from Jesus without added opinions: Pastor Bob Thibodeau – Kingdom Crossroads

*I want to thank you, for such a Informative and Powerful interview! It was an honor to be with you today and I can see God was the Author of your book and you were ‘simply’ His Pen: Dr. Keitha Story-Stephenson   


A Personal Message from:
Rev. Terry Allan Christian





WDJS: Social Media & Digital Media Marketing:

I am seeking someone who understand the Christian marketplace and can help me better position and align my graphic images as well as someone who can create a new book commercial –

#1- SOCIAL MEDIA : I am seeking help in re-designing the graphics on my WDJS FaceBook Page, Twitter Page and YouTube Page. As well as my social media pages under Rev. Terry Allan Christian –

I need each page to be consistent with each other and linked together where possible. BTW: I have no experience in all the options I have available (to me) to help my online ‘visitors’ better understand my book and take advantage of the Discount Coupons, created for the Christmas online market as an: INTRODUCTORY OFFER

Here are my social media links for your preview:

FB:  https://www.facebook.com/WhatDidJesusSay 


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwQieoBSZfRrCOh0nwg8NTg?view_as=subscriber 


#2- DIGITAL MEDIA : I presently have a good WDJS Book Commercial that I would like to change the ending -if possible- AND I’m seeking a new commercial with new worldwide testimonials and this commercial will be used 2 different ways so the beginning and ending will be different however the middle content will be the same.

** One will be used for my Christian Publicity company – PrimeStar. They arrange my Book Interviews or Online Discussions

** One will be used for marketing the book with a ‘call to action’ to use our Introductory Offer (discount coupons) and purchase the book today.

Here is the link directly to my book website: 


Here is our ‘present’ book commercial. I would like to keep the same theme unless you offer me a better one. I want the ending of this commercial to be reedited -if possible- and I want the new one to be consistent with the same type graphics (unless I see a better idea)


I OFFER this link to my WDJS Group Fund 2020: Marketing Plan for my book so you can better understand my goals and what others (around the world) are saying about this ‘One of a Kind’ book.

WDJS Group Fund 2020: 



Whoever I choose to help me in my Social Media Marketing and Digital Media Marketing needs will have the opportunity to continue doing business with me until this ‘One of a Kind’ book becomes a International Best Seller.

I ask you to pray and consider whether or not you feel called to participate with me on this once in a lifetime opportunity.


Closing Message: This message is called Conclusions in Christ and it will give you an insight into my personal beliefs. GOD BLESS 



I can be reached be emailing: Terry@revchristian.com

For more information, please visit my ministry website :



If you would like a ‘free’ WDJS eSpecial, please go to our book website and begin to purchase the WDJS eSpecial and use discount code- godblessyou (one word) and the download will begin –


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