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WWJD is finally answered in WDJS



I WELCOME YOU to my Video Message:

WWJD is finally answered in WDJ



IF YOU like this message and feel I could be of service to you or your family then please, feel free to contact me. My calling is to HELP all CHRISTIANS find true peace in walking with JESUS according to HIS WORDS


be in all we think, say and do! 


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One thought on “WWJD is finally answered in WDJS

  1. Joyce / Reply October 8, 2019 at 1:04 pm

    I am hurting so bad in my heart and emotions, you see my husband of 14 years left me in Jan. 2019, for his dead friends wife, he abandon me in 3 days and moved from TN to AZ to be with her, he moved in and they were intimate together since even before that day, I am now divorced, it was final in July, I’m going through a divorce care group at this time, but we only meet 1 a week, I am a Christian, this has hurt me to he core, he says he’s a Christian but he goes to a Unity church together, they are not married. I can’t believe I was fooled by this man for 14 years. Please help with me with some godly advice.

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